Movie Review: “Hugo”

A gadget tinkling boy lost his clock repairman dad to a fire. Hugo Cabre was left winding the clock in a train station with his drunk uncle who inherited the boy. The boy lived by stealing things from the vendor but one of his ambition was to repair the automaton as if to reconnect with his father. In his quest to find the needed components, he got caught stealing a mechanical mouse from this toys vendor at the Paris train station. Then he eventually discovered that this old man was the original inventor of this automaton. He’s an old beaten magician, movie maker, and a die hard fixer/tinkler. Through Hugo’s persistence, he was able to fix this old man and underscore his life purposes. At the end, he found a new family he could call his own. This is a very touching movie. It’s sad that orphans in the old periods were treated so badly. Children see the reality through their own lens and circumstances. All it took is some encouragement and guidance, a life can be made to yield many more fruits, including fixing the life of a broken old man.

It’s no wonder that this movie is nominated for Oscar his year. The cinematography is simply fantastic. The characters, good and bad, are all lovable in their own ways. The 3D effects makes a big difference in this movie because all mechanical structures of the clock, towers, train stations and etc., really stand out because of it. The acting of the Ben Kingsley (as George Milie) is phenomenal. A great movie for families with kids. My daughter even sheded some tears watching the movie.