Movie Review: “Thor”

Watched “Thor” at an AMC movie theater yesterday in 3D and iMax. The plot was simple but tt was a pretty good experience: lots of actions, special effects, and feeling good at the end. Never knew much of the story of Thor and the related mythology. This movie was a pretty good adaptation of the story, which goes like this:

Thor was exiled by his own father, the king, to earth to be tamed and learn modesty for the kingship after taking on the arch-enemy of their people unilaterally. During his short stay on earth, he fell in love with the researcher. When he finally learned about modesty from not being able to lift the hammer (not sure if this is a real good test for modesty) and learned about leadership from getting in front of the people being victimized by the laser-shooting robots sent by his own brother. Finally, when he proved himself worthy of the kingship, he “attracted” the hammer, resurrected, beat back the enemy and save his own kingdom from being destroyed by his conniving brother. At the end, he lost the bridge to come back to earth to re-unit with his lover. Well, that’s the bridge for Thor II, coming to a theater near you in another year or so.